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Serving the industry for more than 20 years we are now a family owned business that value service and quality above all else.

We are proud to be able to assist people such as farmers & home owners in practical ways with their water conservation needs at factory prices.

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of water on earth is drinkable
billion people drinking water


Did you know?

Only 2.5% of the earth’s water can be used as drinking water. 70% of the world’s fresh water is frozen in the polar ice caps. Over 7.8 billion people must then share the remaining water.

What We Build


Water Tank

Water Tanks

Our LLDPE water tanks are made from solid colours providing effective UV resistance and quality backed by a 8 year manufacturers warranty.



Our range of facades fabricated from pine in multiple designs are to maintain the aesthetic look of their homes. They create a beautiful “face” to the home.

Furrow Liner

Furrow Liner

The furrow liner ensures the full natural flow of water from the mountains to assist land owners with a sustainable water supply.

Premium LLDPE

Our Water Tanks

1 000 Litre Slimline 0.8m x 2m

R 0

3 000 Litre 1.4m x 2m

R 0

6 000 Litre 1.9m x 2m

R 0

10 000 Litre 2.1m x 3m

R 0

Prices are for the Garden Route only. Prices at other depots will differ.

We work hard to produce top quality tanks to all of our clients to satisfy each individual need. We pride ourselves on consistently delivering great service even when the pressure is on.
Brian Ely
Brian Ely


installation & placement

We also provide installation of our tanks in a secure space where it can gather the maximum amount of water at your premises without being in the way or a complete eyesore

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